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National MP Chris Luxon, ex-Air NZ boss, has ‘no recollection’ of controversial Saudi contract

TVNZ 09 Feb 2021
That’s despite the Saudi navy blocking food and medicine getting into Yemen, fuelling a humanitarian crisis and putting millions of people at risk of starvation ... An Air NZ team has been repairing engines on Saudi navy vessels, despite the military fuelling a humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Air NZ CEO recognises 'poor judgement' in helping Saudi military, but says work will continue

TVNZ 08 Feb 2021
Air New Zealand chief executive Greg Foran says “poor judgment” was involved when the national carrier signed off to help the Saudi Arabian military by working on its marine engines ... An Air NZ team has been repairing engines on Saudi navy vessels, despite the military fuelling a humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Exclusive: Air NZ has been secretly helping Saudi Arabian military despite its role in Yemen ...

TVNZ 08 Feb 2021
Air New Zealand has been secretly helping the Saudi Arabian military despite it fuelling a humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Yemen child, Air New Zealand logo ... A 1 NEWS investigation has revealed that Air New Zealand's business unit, Gas Turbines, which specialises in servicing military marine engines and turbines, has been supporting the Saudi Navy.

US return to the world stage presents huge opportunity for Britain

The Observer 07 Feb 2021
The UK is the penholder on Yemen at the UN and the UN special envoy for Yemen, Marin Griffiths, is British, but simply to blame UK lethargy or Saudi intransigence solely for the failure to make progress on Yemen is to underestimate the difficulties diplomats have faced in ...

UN fears Houthis could block critical inspection mission to decaying tanker off Yemen’s coast

Arab News 03 Feb 2021
The UN on Wednesday expressed fears that the Iran-backed Houthis could be about to break a promise to allow an international inspection team to board the decaying FSO Safer oil tanker moored off Yemen’s Red Sea coast ... The EU delegation to Yemen has demanded the Houthis give an immediate green light to the UN team.

Iran’s strategy of state piracy menaces Middle East oil lanes

Arab News 07 Jan 2021
The Iran-backed Houthi militia in Yemen has also launched repeated attacks on ports and ships in recent years, routinely planting marine mines in the southern Red Sea and in the Bab Al-Mandab Strait in the path of commercial shipping.

Xinhua Middle East news summary at 2200 GMT, Jan. 4 04 Jan 2021
"The tanker, departing from the Saudi port of Al-Jubail, was seized when sailing in the Gulf by the Zulfiqar fleet in the first Naval District of the IRGC for repeated violations of marine environmental laws," the IRGC said in a statement ... (Yemen-Houthi-Missiles) Enditem .

Scientists Warn Red Sea Could Suffer Disaster Worse Than the Exxon Valdez

The Washington Informer 01 Jan 2021
Scientists anticipate a massive leak of over one million barrels of oil — four times greater than the Exxon Valdez tanker spill in 1989 — in the Red Sea off the coast of Yemen ... A massive oil spill is anticipated off the coast of Yemen as the Safer floating storage and offloading unit begins to leak.

Houthi marine mine hits cargo ship in Red Sea: Arab coalition

Marietta Daily Journal 26 Dec 2020
Dec. 26—RIYADH — The Arab coalition said on Friday that a marine mine laid by Yemen's Houthi militia has hit a commercial cargo ship in the southern Red Sea, Al-Ekhbariya TV reported. The coalition said there were minor damages to ... .

Houthi militia launch missile targeting Yemen’s Al-Jawf

Arab News 26 Dec 2020
On Friday, the Arab coalition said a marine mine laid by Yemen’s Houthi militia has hit a commercial cargo ship in the southern Red Sea, Al-Ekhbariya TV reported.

Saudi-led coalition says mine hit ship in Red Sea - state TV

Reuters 25 Dec 2020
The Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen said ...

Yemeni port on verge of crisis as UN procrastinates on oil vessel

Press TV 25 Dec 2020
The FSO Safer vessel moored off Yemen’s port of Hudaydah, laden with a significantly large number of crude-oil barrels, poses a major environmental threat since it has not been put under any maintenance since the beginning of the war on Yemen ... Yemen’s Supreme ...

Sudan says US Congress moves ahead on ending pariah status

Stars and Stripes 24 Dec 2020
CAIRO — Sudan's Justice Ministry said Tuesday the U.S ... courts ... list of state sponsors of terrorism ... government. The deal also included compensation settlement for victims of the deadly 2000 bombing of the USS Cole at Yemen's southern port of Aden which killed 17 Marines, and for the killing of John Granville, an official with the U.S ... ....